Color Crush: Bordeaux

So I'm a big fan of bordeaux. The wine and the color. Okay, mainly the wine. But I really do love the color. 

Burgundy, claret, dark red, bordeaux.. call it what you want. I'm into it.

My purse is bordeaux, my nails are bordeaux, and yes, my blazer is obviously of the same hue.

My mom always said that red was my color, but I'm convinced that this pretty little pantone looks good on everyone. (Guys included!)

And while the color of this blazer is everything, its versatility is everything and more. Dress it up, dress it down, check and check.

Not to mention Bordeaux (France) is the world's major wine industry capital.

So basically I like to think of myself as a fine wine when I'm wearing this outfit. Which we all know is always a good thing. 

*I'll toast to that*

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