Excuse Me While I Have a Boho Moment

Holy Cow. Have I ever told y'all how obsessed I am with Free People? If not, let me reiterate myself and make sure it is well known that I have an unhealthy infatuation with the brand and I'm not even the least bit afraid to admit it.

Let's be honest. Basically all of their stuff is amazing. Like this dress for example. HOW CUTE?!

I actually stumbled across it on a mad Nordstrom dash I made the other day (not uncommon at all). I snagged it off of a rack as I ran by and literally didn't even try it on. And it fits LIKE A DREAM. Of course it does though. It's Free People.

It's such a simple dress but you can wear it all year round. I love it with booties, sandals, and in fact, I even threw on some over the knee boots with it the other day. Not to mention the fact that you can totally hide your brunch food baby if need be.. Hey, a girls gotta eat!

So yeah, it's pretty perfect.

As obsessed I am with this sweet little boho number, I also have to share my lust over THAT HAT. I hope y'all are starting to see the trend here with all my burgundy I've been wearing as of late. AKA as of always. The color crush is real folks.

And the fact that it's under $50 makes it that much cuter. Because let's be real.. no one really has $500 to throw at a hat. Sorry.

What's your go to look these days?

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